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Who is WilroffReitsma?

WilroffReitsma (WR) is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and a KPN Platinum partner, specializing in IT and ICT services. WR offers services such as network management, cloud solutions, and tenant management, providing comprehensive IT support to businesses. As one of the top 3 KPN resellers in the Netherlands, WR is recognized for its close collaboration with KPN and its ability to deliver high-quality, customized IT solutions.

The Challenge

The renewal of WilroffReitsma’s customer portal posed key challenges: ensuring scalability to support their expanding client base and evolving services, modernizing the interface for enhanced user-friendliness, and integrating real-time data for immediate insights into network status and usage metrics. Security was paramount, requiring robust measures to protect sensitive client information. The project demanded a strategic approach, employing technologies like Vue.js, C#, .NET, and MS Azure for scalable hosting. Collaboration between WilroffReitsma and DevXTeam was crucial in overcoming these challenges, delivering a secure, user-friendly portal that met modern standards and fulfilled operational requirements effectively.

Technologies used


The Approach

For the front-end development, DevXTeam opted for Vue.js, a powerful framework for building modern user interfaces. The back-end was developed using C# and .NET, providing a solid foundation for the application. The entire portal was hosted on MS Azure, a scalable and reliable cloud platform ensuring optimal performance and flexibility. The development team consisted of five developers specializing in Vue.js, C#, and MS Azure, ensuring a well-balanced and effective collaboration. Project management was facilitated through our own projectmanagement tool, closely monitoring progress and communication to promptly address any challenges.

The Result

The revamped customer portal was successfully rolled out to WR’s clients, significantly improving user-friendliness and scalability. Customers now have real-time insights into critical data such as network status and usage, enhancing their operational efficiency. WR provided highly positive feedback, commending the strong collaboration, clear communication, and swift project delivery. DevXTeam continues to support WR with ongoing maintenance and updates to further enhance the portal’s quality and performance.

What did the client say?

We at WilroffReitsma (WR), aimed to improve our customer portal’s scalability, modern look, and user-friendliness, with real-time data integration. DevXTeam ensured a robust infrastructure. A team of five developers collaborated efficiently with us, addressing challenges through constant discussions. The successful portal rollout received positive feedback for its user-friendly design, scalability, and real-time data features.

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