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Who is ZZP-Hulp Loket?

ZZP-Hulp Loket is a small accounting business in the Netherlands that provides several services to self-employed individuals. They specialize in assisting their clients with various accounting tasks, ensuring compliance with tax requirements and helping them manage their financial affairs efficiently. Their personalized approach and understanding of the unique needs of self-employed professionals have made them a trusted partner for many.

The Challenge

ZZP-Hulp Loket faced significant inefficiencies in managing document collection from their clients for tax reporting. The manual process of creating lists of clients and individually notifying them about missing documents was highly time-consuming, taking up more than 10 hours per week. This not only strained their resources but also delayed the timely submission of necessary documents, impacting their overall operational efficiency.

Technologies used


The Approach

To address these challenges, DevXTeam developed a specialized portal for ZZP-Hulp Loket. The portal automates the notification process, allowing emails and text messages to be sent to clients with the press of a button, requesting the necessary documents. The portal was designed with a clear and manageable interface, enabling ZZP-Hulp Loket to instantly view the status of required documents. Technologically, the portal was built on Microsoft Azure for hosting, utilized PostgreSQL for the database, and React.js for the front end. This combination of technologies ensured a scalable, reliable, and user-friendly solution.

The Result

The implementation of the portal significantly improved the efficiency of ZZP-Hulp Loket’s operations. The automated notifications reduced the time spent on manual follow-ups by over 10 hours per week, allowing the team to focus on more critical tasks. The clear and manageable interface provided instant visibility into document statuses, enhancing the overall workflow. The successful deployment of this portal not only streamlined their document collection process but also improved client satisfaction by ensuring timely and organized communication. This project has solidified ZZP-Hulp Loket’s reputation for leveraging technology to provide superior accounting services to self-employed individuals.

What did the client say?

Thanks to the efforts of DevXTeam, I was able to save countless hours a week with the newly developed and integrated portal. With their reliable backoffice, all my problems were handled quick and adequate. Overall this has massively improved our workflow at ZZP-Hulp Loket.

Arvind Durgaram

Founder & CEO

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