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Who is RETN?

RETN is a leading network provider renowned for its specialized high-quality connectivity services. Their distinctive Eurasian network enables direct connections between Europe and Asia, catering crucially to businesses operating across these regions. RETN stands out in the market for its ability to deliver fast, reliable, and secure connections, making them a pivotal player in the network services industry.

The Challenge

RETN faced several challenges with their website and customer portal. They sought to innovate and enhance these platforms to better serve their clients. This involved addressing existing bugs, creating a faster and more optimized website, and ensuring it met rigorous standards of security and performance expected in their professional service domain. These goals necessitated a comprehensive overhaul and improvement of their digital infrastructure.

Technologies used


The Approach

DevXTeam approached the project with a robust strategy aimed at achieving RETN’s goals effectively. They employed Next.js for the front-end development, leveraging its capabilities within the React framework. For the back-end, PHP Laravel was chosen, operating on an Apache web server environment. Orchid, a flexible and extendable CMS, was integrated for content management. The team employed npm and PM2 for managing the front-end, ensuring an efficient workflow and reliable performance. Agile methodology guided the project management, facilitating regular communication through weekly meetings and utilizing the Kitchen project management tool. Quality assurance was maintained through automated tests and rigorous code reviews throughout the development process. Ongoing support included regular updates and continuous monitoring to ensure optimal website performance post-launch.

The Result

The outcomes of the project were highly positive and aligned closely with RETN’s objectives. The revamped website and customer portal demonstrated marked improvements in speed, reliability, and user-friendliness. Users benefited from enhanced performance and resolved bugs, significantly improving their overall experience. RETN provided positive feedback on the collaboration with DevXTeam, particularly praising their professionalism and technical expertise. The ongoing partnership remains strong, with DevXTeam continuing to implement new enhancements and provide steadfast support to RETN, further enhancing their digital presence and operational efficiency.

What did the client say?

RETN’s collaboration with DevXteam has proven highly valuable. Their meticulous understanding of our requests, coupled with their rigorous QA processes, ensured the successful execution of all updates, enhancing the user experience for RETN customers when they visit the website. Overall, DevXteam’s commitment to quality makes them an essential ally in our endeavors.

Nataly Byelous

Group Marketing Director

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