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Who is LevelFour/Action?

LevelFour is a prominent Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Oss, specializing in providing comprehensive IT services to retail chains. One of their major clients is the mega retailer Action, which operates over 2,500 stores across Europe. When Action opens a new store, LevelFour is responsible for setting up and maintaining the networks and IT infrastructure. A significant challenge for Action was the lack of sufficient insight into their own systems and networks, leading to unnecessary costs and inefficiencies.

The Challenge

Action had specific goals for their new portal: they wanted detailed insight into the status of their networks and systems. The primary aim was to read and translate error codes into understandable information so that issues could be resolved quickly and efficiently. This would help Action avoid unnecessary costs and improve operational efficiency. Visualizing the network status was the main focus, without the need for additional specific functionalities.

Technologies used

ASP.Net Core
PHP Laravel

The Approach

DevXTeam chose React for the front end due to its reliable and scalable platform. The portal’s back end was fed with real-time data from various APIs, although specific details about these APIs are unavailable. The portal was hosted on a private MS Azure server, offering scalability, affordability, and future-proofing. Additionally, since Action already had several applications running on MS Azure, this choice seamlessly integrated with their existing infrastructure.

The Result

The development team consisted of 4 developers, each with their own specialization. Collaboration between DevXTeam, LevelFour, and Action was smooth, thanks to the use of the project management tool Kitchen, which ensured clear and organized project management. Regular meetings ensured that bottlenecks were identified and addressed promptly, which was crucial for maintaining the project’s quality. The project has been ongoing for over two years and continues to evolve with new functionalities. Quality was ensured through regular consultations and close cooperation between all parties involved. DevXTeam also provides continuous support and maintenance for the portal, including general upkeep and ensuring uptime. This proactive maintenance ensures the portal always functions optimally, and any issues in the code are quickly addressed.

What did the client say?

Being an MSP, we get a lot of requests from several partners looking for certain solutions which we are simply not able to handle ourselves. We joined hands with DevXTeam to take on our development challenges. This has resulted in being able to provide reliable and scalable solutions for our partners and customers. By developing a portal which provides more insight for example, which excels their workflow and productivity. We are looking forward to work with DevXTeam in the future again!

Natalie Pashouwer

Operations Manager

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